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Welcome to Hard like Heroics! This guild has not yet started recruiting. This guild is going to be aimed towards raiding and gearing up future raiders. Much time will be dedicated to farming heroics and farming profession materials. Gear will be created for raiders using guild provided mats/money. Flasks will be made ahead of time as will raid food. Hopefully if recruiting takes off strongly this guild will level up fast. As the guild leader (aphrodiitee) I have experience in all cata raids. Exp with 11/12 and have been a raid leader since WotLK. In Hard like Heroics there is no form of discimination. We accept all races, ages, classes, roles, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, etc. The one thing I do ask is that everyone is respected in guild and has vent if they wish to raid with us. Before being allowed to raid I will go on heroic runs with you to see where your raid awareness, gear level, and skill is at. All 3 of thes can be improved in time and the guild will work together to make sure we get the best possible raid exp. Another thing I do ask of raiders is that they be reliable. I understand as well as anyone that real life> WoW, but I do send out calendar invs to all raiders. You hav the option to accept, decline or mark yourself as tentative. If you accept, you are expected to be there 15mins b4 raid time with your gear repaired and ready for an inv. If you decline no spot will be held for you on the day of the raid. If you mark tentative no spot will be held for you, but if you are online you will be taken first over a pug. Please do not use this tentative button often, after 2 weeks of marking tentative a spot will no longer be held for you in raids without good reason given. If you click accept and do not show up to the raid, a reason must be given and accepted by the raid leader/guild master in order to hold your static position in raids. Without good reason you will be held aside for a week while another takes your spot, unless we have no others available. The main reason this guild is being made is for people to get together and raid without worrying about rude guildies, unreliable raid members, and unsupportive guilds. If this sounds like a guild you are looking for then send a whisper to Aphrodiitee, Aphrodiite, Aphrodiittee, Jannessa, Chocolatrage, Peneria, Dorazzle, Bellamarie, or Razzelle on Dark Iron. The toons are on alliance. You can also contact me on my horde toon (Jesslynn) also on Dark Iron or by this website by mail or post in forums. Thank you and I hope you consider. This guild is on Alliance.
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aphrodiitee, May 5, 11 1:34 PM.
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